Monday, October 31, 2016

Why Business World is Still Intimidated by Women in Power

For centuries women have been fighting for their rights and declaring their freedom to do well both at work and at home. Since that time women have conquered themselves the positions in all the spheres of business and social life, yet somehow they are still underestimated and undervalued. 

But women can relax now, for the Resume Writing Lab has made a list of the tips that “working girls” can follow in order to face the rocky road to achieving success at workplace. 

How to Be a Good Mother and an Employee 

You know that you love your children more than anything in the world, but still, it’s not enough for you. Don’t be ashamed of your ambitions. All that you need to do is to define the working hours in such way that your work doesn’t interfere the time you want to spend with your family. Nannies are proved to be able to free working mothers from the feeling of guilt and relieve the kid’s anxiety attacks. Don’t forget that your husband can be of great help too. More and more men now are willing to be a stay-at-home dad and let their wives support the family if that’s what they want to do. 

How to Stand up to the Powerful Men 

It’s commonly believed that men are afraid of strong-willed women. That’s why sometimes at a workplace you can feel that men are the ones who have the final say. But you shouldn’t give up and let your thoughts and ideas be veiled like it is for Muslim women. Show that you deserve appreciation and praise for hard work that you do. And if it’s still not okay with your boss, you can always open your own company and define your own rules.

The Internet bursts with great possibilities for making money online. One of your ideas can turn into a small business that will eventually become your life purpose. Think of how many great inventions and discoveries were once made by women to help the humanity and just follow your dreams. 

How to not let Men Treat You as a Punching Bag 

The world of gender roles may have changed drastically, yet there are some conservative men that can give women the hard time at work. Secretaries are the first ones to fall under the pressure of superior men. But high-flyer women are now harassed too. Whatever it is that drives men to behave like animals, women everywhere have to be aware of the ways to address this issue. Women shouldn’t keep silent; they must defend themselves, even if it requires publicity. 

How to Get Ahead at Your Workplace by Remaining a Woman 

Studies may have shown that most leading positions are still being occupied by men, but women are the ones who operate the business world backstage. By agreeing to play the supporting role of secretaries and waitresses, women become the Pillars of Creation in the social and business spheres. And if it wasn’t for patriarchy women would take all the positions in supervisory and leadership. Each and all women should remember that equality at a workplace can be only reached by those with great ambitions, persistence, inspiration and forwardness to overcome the stereotypes.

Professionalism, Responsibility, and Beauty 

It’s proved that women who want to quit the job, when telling it to their boss may get a counteroffer, which is a proof of professional worth. Women are less likely to put off an important task, which shows accountability and strong will. Finally, good looks have proved to be a big pro for a job placement. So use all your benefits, and career prospects will not keep you waiting.


  1. I admire working Moms, who really enjoy their work and don't force themselves to go to the hated job! I am a Mom of two beautiful sons but I don't work. Seems like it's time to change something in my life. I have already become your dedicated subscriber! Looking forward your articles!

    1. I love your comment and I'm glad that you became my subscriber!