Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Social Media - Job Search Success?

We all know that using social media for job search can do a lot of good for the applicant. It helps you stand out from the hundreds of others and find a dream job. Here are three main reasons to hop on the social media board:

1. Showing the Knowledge

When people show a deeper understanding of the industry they work in, it makes them look well-trusted. It doesn't require having a personal blog. Writing the relevant information about the news and events in the related industry blog works too. The latter is a perfect option for the busy and not so creative people.

2. Demonstrating a Willingness to Learn

Not all of the social media job search sites are user-friendly. However, every product of the digital technology takes some time to master. It is especially important if electronic devices weren't a part of your childhood or youth.

Nobody has to be a computer pro. However, understanding benefits of using social media for job search reveals the applicant's awareness of the modern state of affairs as well as readiness to learn and comprehend new skills included. This point is hard to undervalue.

Experts say that Pinterest is a good place to start. It has something to do with the fact of the visual representation. Resume and cover letter are regular documents. Photos, related to the education and work experience, add a personal touch.

3. Finding out More About the Company

Social media are useful not only for the hiring managers cause the benefit flow both ways. Social networks can communicate a lot about the company, its clients and work ethic.
Moreover, using the data in the resume or cover letter can give you an advantage. Just stay cautious and avoid writing unreasonable things. Then they'll get the feeling of familiarity even before the interview.

So, personally I use these social media for job search:

1. LinkedIn was created as a professional network, so it does what it says. It's a top place to search for a job.

One of the most important things here is a profile. That's what other users see and that's how you represent yourself. A good profile should contain up-to-date and accurate information about the skills, education, and work experience; incorporating the keywords won't go amiss either. It will help the recruiter find you and recognize if you're exactly what they look for.

However, there are certain disadvantages of using social media for job search. Well, to be more accurate, it can be a problem if you do not use them correctly. But make sure to submit the right photo. Your photo is a very significant feature of an account, particularly when it comes to the LinkedIn profile. The right photo will maximize the efforts and make a good first impression.

2. Instagram is more than endless selfies and recipes accounts. It can be a perfect tool for the personal branding. It enhances your personality while creating a professional image. If your Instagram is full of photos from the good old days, it's better to create a new profile. Otherwise, the reputation may hurt. Let private things stay private.

Instagram doesn't work the same way for specialists from all industries. One can find it more helpful than the other. Analyze the circumstances and decide how the network can help just you.

 Sure enough, Facebook as well as Google+ can be used for job search, but I’d like to know about your experience. Do you have social media profiles and do you use them for the job search? 


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