Saturday, February 25, 2017

How To Get Back To Work?

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written my last article here and I must say I miss it so much. But I’ve prepared some tips and want to share my ideas with you!

It is always hard to get back to work after the parental leave. And it is important to figure out, how to sell yourself on the current job market. According to the statistics, there are a few millions of stay-at-home parents. At least, half of them aspires to be returning to work. There may be different reasons to choose such an option. Some lack money, others still want to make a career. However, an industry situation always changes and improves. So, one may feel confusion and anxiety after the long years of absence. Luckily, simple little tweaks can make all the difference. Here you'll find the most useful tips for the resume parent returning to work.

Highlight the Most Relevant Things

The goal of any resume for stay-at-home mom returning to work is to sell an applicant. All you need is to convince an employer that you have necessary for the job skills and experience. Don't write about everything from the parental leave. Include only those things, which are relevant for the vacancy and future career.

The thing is that most of the stay-at-home moms perform other tasks, except for the traditional cooking and laundry. It is a common fact, which several career agencies confirm. The majority of the women are engaging in other kinds of activities, such as volunteering, for instance. This significant experience is highly appreciated by many companies and should be included in a resume. A lot of stay-at-home moms returning to work used the approach. Freelancer experience will work out as well. Here is a list of the activities you can include in the stay at home mom returning to work resume:

  1. First, volunteering and community activities count. Simply an absence of the payment doesn't mean it wasn't a real job. Thus, it doesn't make it less valuable anyway. Treat it like any other paid job position. It is even better for the resume for moms returning to work if one had a leadership or organizational role. Reflect on them attentively and accentuate the key skills you've got. You can also use these activities to make up for the year gap.
  2. Continuing education is perfect for the jobs for moms returning to work. After all, there is some free time you can use for the studying. It doesn't have to be necessarily university or college. Fortunately, the Internet offers numerous possibilities for the online studying. Online courses are great for such needs. They are free and don't require a lot of time if one studies regularly. Or you can take up an independent personal study. It would be especially helpful for the people, who are interested in an academical career. This way, a person won't lose the fundamental skills, grip and extremely worthwhile time.
  3. Here is a freelance occupation. If they are related to the job position, go for it and fill them in a resume. But remember about including only relevant highlights of the projects.
  4. Finally, career development is here to name as well. Any industry related events, like conferences and professional meetings, have a big influence on the hiring manager.

It Is Necessary To Give Yourself a Job Title?

There are always a lot of doubts, whether it is reasonable to give yourself a job title as a parent. The answer depends on the target job. The best job for moms returning to work is one, related to the kids (of course, only in terms of relevant experience). It is much easier to connect it with the basic job skills. 

I hope my tips will help any seeking for the advice and stay at home mom to land a dream job.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Things That Make Resume Look Unprofessional

Work experience is important, without the doubt, it speaks for itself and represents the perfect professional image. Obviously, it should align with the target job ad, the list of the desired skills and background. You can be sure, that you are a perfect match, but the employers don't know about it yet. And they are unlikely to find out if your resume doesn't help you in the long run. 

As you may see from the unprofessional resume examples (it can be easily found on the Internet), style matters as well as content. Statements about your significance, smartness, and dedication are half of the work. A good resume is always a self-marketing tool, which needs to be focused. Here you'll find a few little, the most widespread tweaks that make all the difference.

1. Too Bright Formatting

Admit it, you're not a kid or teenager anymore and a ridiculous formatting is better to be avoided. There is even a golden rule in the industry. If pretentious fonts or colors are the first things employers see, there is something wrong with a document. The focus should be on the words only, their styling has to dissolve and fade; only the content is important. One sure thing: color in a resume is an unprofessional choice and no curly fonts or images are wanted. It is a common advice to limit yourself to the four fonts in overall.

2. Weird Names of E-mail Accounts

Strange e-mail name is one of the best ways of sending a wrong message to the hiring manager. If you want the employer to take you seriously, everything in the resume and cover letter should be perfectly polished. The recruiting managers always consider these as the bad signals.

Besides, e-mail accounts are usually free. There is nothing that can stop you from the creating your own or the new one if needed. It is a bad idea to share an account with the family. The comic names like "" or "" look absolutely unprofessional. Offensive or frivolous names are also a total turn-off. You'd probably think that it is absurd to use such domain names. Still, it can be surprising, how many people are making this mistake. And what is really important, that the applicants aren't dull or ignorant. They just don't think it matters.

3. Pictures Aren't You Friends

Most of the people wonder about the many things resume-related. Is it unprofessional to include pictures in a resume? The answer: it is superfluous in most cases. First of all, it leaves almost no chances to get through the applications tracking system. Besides, the hiring managers can even dismiss applications because of this element at once. Any possible accusation in any kind of the discrimination should be withdrawn. Thus, it is better not to attach any photo. It can even subconsciously influence the manager's decision. And we are talking here neither about the bikini photos nor about the party shots. They are no questions asked on this matter.

4. Proofreading Is Above Everything Else

It can be extremely frustrating to write a great resume and waste all good impressions because of the numerous typos and spelling errors. It is amazing, how many people make the same mistake all over again. Spell checking apps are the saviors as they can spot a lot of errors. There are such types of misspelling when a word is grammatically right but wrong according to the context. A real person will notice it with the best probabilities. It might be helpful is someone close to you will edit your document before you sent it to the prospective hirer.

Have you ever done any of these mistakes? Personally, I’m always afraid of grammar mistakes as I’m used to type so quickly and sometimes I do not notice my own mistakes, which is why I’m always asking my husband to edit my writing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Best Jobs For College Students - My List

All around the wold college students are looking for the good jobs for. They want it to be suitable, high-profile and high-paying. Believe me, I totally get it. Been there, done that. As a student, I was always in a search for the best part-time jobs for college students. At first, I worked as a student assistant. Let's say, it wasn't easy, neither it was an exciting time. 

After a few months, I found out, that I could be earning actually much more off the campus. Then I began searching for the online jobs for college students all over again. It took a little time to sort out the offers, yet, finally, I got a good job. Here should be a note about a lot of job scams back then. Nowadays it is much easier to find safe options. So here I come with the list of the most appealing jobs for the students.

1. Bartender

It is commonly thought as one of the best summer jobs for college students. You can easily understand, why the job is so lucrative for students. They work at night, what gives them a possibility to keep up with the general study timetable. They don't have miss out on the lectures. But they do need to find a time and place to do their homework. One of the undeniable pros is money. The salary is usually pretty fair and there are always tips on the way. Sometimes tips even outweigh a salary itself. 

Still, there are certain difficulties to overcome. First of all, one has to understand the truth: being bartender is a real job. Despite the common misconception, it is an exhausting and nerve-racking profession. Second, it is attached to a specific lifestyle. If you're scared of the nightlife drama, it is better to look for the other job.

2. Tutor

This job is always considered to be one of the best paying jobs for college students. And it truly is. Almost every student is especially good at one or even a few subjects. Why not use it for your benefit? You could tutor anyone, from preschoolers to the college students. Finding a job is possible in two ways. First, there may be a tutoring program in your educational institution. Second, you can advertise yourself privately on the websites or through the acquaintances. 

The best thing is that you have a choice for almost everything: who, when and how to teach. At the same time, it becomes a real challenge. Complete (reasonable) freedom in actions requires a high level of responsibility and efficiency. Of course, not all of us can be qualified tutors. So it makes sense to do a little rehearsal and give a first free class to someone familiar.

3. Videomaker

The digital era is here. More and more people are using social media networks and Youtube to express themselves and, meanwhile, earn some money. Why don't you give it a try? All you need is a basic video editor, good camera, and the Internet connection. It is very likely for you to have it all already. 

First, start with some practice. Get a video of yourself and analyze it. Are you pleasant to look at, do you look confident and aware? If the answer is "yes", this job is for you. Then you have only to find your niche. Luckily, there are a lot of themes. And all of them have their listeners. Beauty, education, fitness - you can choose whatever you like. Make a choice, analyze the trends and you're ready to go.

What do you think? What was your first job? Did you work at college? Please share your experience in comments below!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Searching

Let’s admit it: we all have been there. Another day, another job search on LinkedIn using different variations of the same job. Yet again you have no reply and you close your computer in defeat. Job search is a really challenging thing. But what makes it even more difficult is trying to maintain the motivation even after a long period of rejections.

My experience in the job hunt taught me how crucial it is not to lose heart and give way to despair. So here are my personal top tips on how to be motivated in job search. Apply these simple changes to your job-hunting process and get your motivation revived by focusing more on you than on the resume itself.

1. Make a Detailed To-Do List

In the beginning of the job search, your motivation seemed to be on top and you believed you can manage to go through all the ups and downs of this time-consuming process and wriggle out of a tight situation. However, as the times goes and you still get no response, your motivation becomes much lower until a general task like “redo your CV” or “network” become overwhelming. How to make the job search more manageable? All you need to do is to read your to-do list once again and try to divide it into smaller and more specific tasks.

2. Search for Career Role Models

Nowadays the average job search may take up to eight months before it becomes successful. It’s not surprising that during all that time you experience ups and downs trying to land your dream job. You usually come across job descriptions that require several years of experience and you lose heart.

However, you should remember that not every career path is linear and even the most successful people have come across jumps and loops before they got to where they are today. So, make a break from the job boards and search for people on LinkedIn who already have your dream jobs and work at your dream companies. This will help you realize once again that small steps also count.

3. Look for Constructive Criticism

It’s good to have a few friends who can be not only your fans but also helpful and supportive critics. Constructive criticism from your supporters is another great way of keeping yourself motivated during job search. Feel free to ask your co-worker, friend or lecturer who believed in you to revise, what you have already done, and recommend you what can be improved. Think about what your biggest struggle is or where you actually need help. It can be a job interview or CV formatting. Determine your weakest points and ask for advice from the relevant people.

4. Write Down Your Career Goals

Take some time and think about all the possible big and small dreams you would like to achieve. Then take a piece of paper and write them down. This is a great motivational tip to once again see where you are now and where you would like to be in ten years.

5. Take Time Off

If you start feeling burned out from constant job searching process with no results, don’t forget to take days off and let your brain refocus on the main aims. Also, it’s a perfect option for unwinding your mind and trying to notice what small things you may be missing in chase of your dream job.

These were some of my top tips on how to get motivated in job search. I hope you will find them useful and they will work for you, too.