Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Best Jobs For College Students - My List

All around the wold college students are looking for the good jobs for. They want it to be suitable, high-profile and high-paying. Believe me, I totally get it. Been there, done that. As a student, I was always in a search for the best part-time jobs for college students. At first, I worked as a student assistant. Let's say, it wasn't easy, neither it was an exciting time. 

After a few months, I found out, that I could be earning actually much more off the campus. Then I began searching for the online jobs for college students all over again. It took a little time to sort out the offers, yet, finally, I got a good job. Here should be a note about a lot of job scams back then. Nowadays it is much easier to find safe options. So here I come with the list of the most appealing jobs for the students.

1. Bartender

It is commonly thought as one of the best summer jobs for college students. You can easily understand, why the job is so lucrative for students. They work at night, what gives them a possibility to keep up with the general study timetable. They don't have miss out on the lectures. But they do need to find a time and place to do their homework. One of the undeniable pros is money. The salary is usually pretty fair and there are always tips on the way. Sometimes tips even outweigh a salary itself. 

Still, there are certain difficulties to overcome. First of all, one has to understand the truth: being bartender is a real job. Despite the common misconception, it is an exhausting and nerve-racking profession. Second, it is attached to a specific lifestyle. If you're scared of the nightlife drama, it is better to look for the other job.

2. Tutor

This job is always considered to be one of the best paying jobs for college students. And it truly is. Almost every student is especially good at one or even a few subjects. Why not use it for your benefit? You could tutor anyone, from preschoolers to the college students. Finding a job is possible in two ways. First, there may be a tutoring program in your educational institution. Second, you can advertise yourself privately on the websites or through the acquaintances. 

The best thing is that you have a choice for almost everything: who, when and how to teach. At the same time, it becomes a real challenge. Complete (reasonable) freedom in actions requires a high level of responsibility and efficiency. Of course, not all of us can be qualified tutors. So it makes sense to do a little rehearsal and give a first free class to someone familiar.

3. Videomaker

The digital era is here. More and more people are using social media networks and Youtube to express themselves and, meanwhile, earn some money. Why don't you give it a try? All you need is a basic video editor, good camera, and the Internet connection. It is very likely for you to have it all already. 

First, start with some practice. Get a video of yourself and analyze it. Are you pleasant to look at, do you look confident and aware? If the answer is "yes", this job is for you. Then you have only to find your niche. Luckily, there are a lot of themes. And all of them have their listeners. Beauty, education, fitness - you can choose whatever you like. Make a choice, analyze the trends and you're ready to go.

What do you think? What was your first job? Did you work at college? Please share your experience in comments below!

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