Saturday, February 25, 2017

How To Get Back To Work?

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written my last article here and I must say I miss it so much. But I’ve prepared some tips and want to share my ideas with you!

It is always hard to get back to work after the parental leave. And it is important to figure out, how to sell yourself on the current job market. According to the statistics, there are a few millions of stay-at-home parents. At least, half of them aspires to be returning to work. There may be different reasons to choose such an option. Some lack money, others still want to make a career. However, an industry situation always changes and improves. So, one may feel confusion and anxiety after the long years of absence. Luckily, simple little tweaks can make all the difference. Here you'll find the most useful tips for the resume parent returning to work.

Highlight the Most Relevant Things

The goal of any resume for stay-at-home mom returning to work is to sell an applicant. All you need is to convince an employer that you have necessary for the job skills and experience. Don't write about everything from the parental leave. Include only those things, which are relevant for the vacancy and future career.

The thing is that most of the stay-at-home moms perform other tasks, except for the traditional cooking and laundry. It is a common fact, which several career agencies confirm. The majority of the women are engaging in other kinds of activities, such as volunteering, for instance. This significant experience is highly appreciated by many companies and should be included in a resume. A lot of stay-at-home moms returning to work used the approach. Freelancer experience will work out as well. Here is a list of the activities you can include in the stay at home mom returning to work resume:

  1. First, volunteering and community activities count. Simply an absence of the payment doesn't mean it wasn't a real job. Thus, it doesn't make it less valuable anyway. Treat it like any other paid job position. It is even better for the resume for moms returning to work if one had a leadership or organizational role. Reflect on them attentively and accentuate the key skills you've got. You can also use these activities to make up for the year gap.
  2. Continuing education is perfect for the jobs for moms returning to work. After all, there is some free time you can use for the studying. It doesn't have to be necessarily university or college. Fortunately, the Internet offers numerous possibilities for the online studying. Online courses are great for such needs. They are free and don't require a lot of time if one studies regularly. Or you can take up an independent personal study. It would be especially helpful for the people, who are interested in an academical career. This way, a person won't lose the fundamental skills, grip and extremely worthwhile time.
  3. Here is a freelance occupation. If they are related to the job position, go for it and fill them in a resume. But remember about including only relevant highlights of the projects.
  4. Finally, career development is here to name as well. Any industry related events, like conferences and professional meetings, have a big influence on the hiring manager.

It Is Necessary To Give Yourself a Job Title?

There are always a lot of doubts, whether it is reasonable to give yourself a job title as a parent. The answer depends on the target job. The best job for moms returning to work is one, related to the kids (of course, only in terms of relevant experience). It is much easier to connect it with the basic job skills. 

I hope my tips will help any seeking for the advice and stay at home mom to land a dream job.


  1. Several years of parental leave make you forget everything about the work, including how to write a resume. And writing a new one is necessary. Thus, thank you for your tips, they were really helpful to me. And thank you for writing everything so easy to understand because most of the information online is just so confusing! Hope to see more of your articles up there!

    1. Thank you Emma! I try so hard to make it useful and interesting to read.