Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Job Search Rules To Break

Job hunting isn't easy, especially for the young moms, who need to stay at home and make money at the same time. I'm ready to bet, that pretty much every stay-at-home mom can relate to the fact. What I'm specifically talking about, is a lack of communication. Not just routinely "adult" connection, (which is, by the way, a real issue), but a lack of the industry communication, those types of talks, when you discuss the professional, industry-related news as well as job hunting rules.

There is always someone, searching for a job or in need to change a career. When you're on your own, keeping track of the standard job rules becomes a little more complicated. Week in week out, you lose the chances of getting an up-to-date information. The good news is, the Internet is always on your side. However, there are always some troubles with finding a real catch. I tried to make it simpler and accumulated all the most useful to break job search rules in the post below.

1. Following the Same Pattern

There are times when you're just tired of job searching. You send dozens of resumes, still, it never gets off the ground.

It might be a sign that an applicant needs to reconsider the system. You surely recognize the old scheme: you apply to the job ad, send a resume straight to the hiring manager and wait for the decision to come.

However, in a modern world, the majority of people get a job by the networking. Remember, the "it-word" of the job hunting industry? Turns out, it does work. Almost every job search book states that networking is one of the key factors for a great job searching. So it may be just the time to ask someone you know from the company for a favor. Set up a meeting and ask them to give your resume to the recruiting manager. The opportunity offers an entirely different approach. The recruiter will automatically pay more attention to the resume, which is delivered by someone familiar. The incredible thing will be to know someone, who is respected and appreciated in the job environment. It makes a double win.

2. Using Traditional Template

Obviously, it is much easier to use a regular template and fill it with the even more common phrases like "results-oriented" and "team worker". Nevertheless, it is better to break the pattern. Such resumes and cover letters don't impress at all. Instead, just answer the question: "Why am I a good match for this job?". There's a chance, that you aren't necessarily the best candidate. Yet, for whatever reason, a job definitely draws you in. Find out, why is that and simply write it down.

3. Assuming That Employers Have Absolute Power

It is a popular but unspoken rule: "Employers have all the power and applicants need to please them in order to get a job". It isn't true. Actually, every party here has a multiple choice. A manager has other options as well as a candidate itself. Thus, there is no need to turn into a shy and humble person. The aim of the whole process is to make an offer that's hard to resist. A little hint, it is a centered and confident employee, who is willing to raise a voice.

4. Grasping for Any Available Chance

As tempting as it may be, agreeing with the first available position is much harmful. We all know, that quitting is harder than walking away in the first place. The thing is, don't stop chasing the right opportunities just because they are harder. See it as a challenge to master the rules of successful job search. Otherwise, it will be a ridiculous waste of time, which is worth to regret.

Please, share your opinion and insights in the comments below? Do you agree that some of the ‘time-tested’ job searching rules are not as important s it used to be, like 10 years ago?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Top Places to Find Blogging Jobs

Frankly speaking, sometimes I think it is not too difficult to find a full-time job in the office, as when it comes to finding a decent online blogging job, the process can become more time-consuming and tough. 

What about finding a suitable freelance job that pays more than a few bucks for a post? Everything is possible. I have my list of better-paying blogging job opportunities. Content marketing has become extremely popular over the last few years. 

As a result, more and more companies are hiring freelancers to write articles for their blogs. They may offer one-time tasks, which may pay more than $75. Others are looking for writers who can create several posts per week, which can be a steady part-time gig and bring you extra income. Here is a list of top websites that pay for posts:

1.      Freelance Writing Jobs Website
This is a blog for freelance writers. All you need is to find the Writing Gigs link and click it in order to open the list of blogger jobs. This website is especially great because it doesn’t accept low-paying blogging jobs. That’s why I decided to make it our number one. Feel free to choose any high-quality freelance jobs, which are posted on this website. It was specially designed to help people find online writing jobs.

This is a type of website where a publisher needs to pay $50 to make a post about their job offer. It’s a website that can rightly claim to be one of the top marketplaces for bloggers and publishers to connect. Its guru is Darren Rowse who has been teaching newcomers how to earn money for many years. This is a place with probably the most prestigious blogging job opportunities and highest paying rate. There are more bloggers (who are stay at home Moms, by the way) who always share useful articles with her readers, make sure to check the popular Moms blogs  - Top Mommy Blogs

3.      Performancing
This website differs from the other ones because it’s actually a community of bloggers who have made a forum with blogging job opportunities. It’s free to post a job offer there. Visit the Blogger Jobs forum to get a better insight and find online blogging job. Their blog includes many great ideas for aspiration and for novices. 

4.      Elance
Elance is a free website so you don’t have to pay anything for posting or applying for a job. Just click on the Find Work link and search for any home based blogging job. This website can be helpful for all kinds of freelancers. It’s filled with hundreds of job posts from Web design to data entry to writing. In other words, Elance is a worldwide marketplace for any type of freelance jobs.

5.      Media Bistro
This is a website for the media industry that includes a job board. However, it’s quite expensive for publishers as it costs $279 to make a job post. It’s a big portal for people who work in the creative/content industry. So you may find job openings for editors, online media, producers, PR, etc.

Whether you are starting out as a freelance blogger or just want to use blogging job opportunities as an extra part-time job, you will find this list of great help. Perhaps, visiting some of these websites will help you start earning decent money in one click.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

6 Flexible Well-Paid Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms

It can be really time-consuming and quite exhausting to work while being a mom. It is necessary to balance two important aspects of your life and think about so many things at the same time. Luckily nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to work without having to dedicate the whole day to your job only. What are the best part time jobs for moms that can make you some money and still leave some time for your kids? In this post I’ll try to share my ideas and tips, please note that I write an approximate amount of payment in this post.

Travel Agent

There are many flexible part time jobs for moms and other people looking for some extra money. A travel agent is one of them. As a rule, the payment may not be very big, but you will be able to make extra money according to the amount of deals you close and how much work you do. An average rate is $25-30 per hour. You won’t need to spend the whole day in the office and you can handle this job even from home. This job will be especially suitable for those who are fond of travelling.

Life Coach

Nowadays life coaches are in great demand. Working as a life coach is one of the perfect part time jobs for moms as it’s now very time-consuming and you don’t have to sit at the same working place the entire day. You are free to arrange meetings with clients in order to help them with anything they need. Your work will depend on what types of coaching services you offer to clients.

Massage Therapist

The main advantage here is that you can schedule your clients depending on your free time, but such kind of work requires certain medical education. This is a great source of extra money because it’s an hourly paid job; the average rate here is $30 per hour. If you are skilled enough and have some work experience you can even charge higher.


Tutoring has become one of the most popular part time jobs for moms in NYC and other big cities. Tutors are in great demand so if you have good skills and knowledge of any subject plus a passion for teaching, don’t hesitate to try it out. Start finding some schools to work for or separate students. The average rate for this kind of job starts from $30.

Graphic Designer

Looking for one of the best part time jobs for moms? Here is one you will like. Being a graphic designer means not only earning $50 and more per hour. You can potentially make much more money once you have established a network of clients and made your portfolio. There will also be enough time left for you and your children.

Speech Pathologist

Do you want to use your degree and get a really well-paid job? A speech pathologist is certainly one of the top part time jobs for moms with degrees as it demands certain knowledge and expertise. As a matter of fact, you will have to deal with people who have speech problems. You will need to help them speak normally and try to solve their concomitant physical, psychological or mental problems. In return for this, you will get good money and plenty of time for your kids.

I do not mention the most popular options for stay-at-home-moms such as blogging and copywriting, probably because these are the very first ideas that might cross your mind. Being a stay-at-home mom and earning good money at one time is real. Make your own decision and search for the part time job that you find most suitable. 

I'm wating for your comments, perhaps, you have some experience and helpful tips to share!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hiring Trends for Job Hunters in 2017

The survey of top jobs 2016 showed that more than 40% of recruiters struggled to find talented candidates for their positions. That means the talent war is still on and you need to strengthen your hand in it. Make sure that you keep in mind the following job search trends 2017 and get benefit from them as you try out new job opportunities. Here is a bit of my research and some conclusions.

Choose Hard-to-Fill Positions

The survey conducted on the best job boards 2016 shows that such jobs as engineers, sales representatives, drivers, technicians, machine operators, receptionists, and secretaries are the hardest positions to fill around the world. This means that even if you are a stay at home mom or in the process of changing career paths, you may consider some of these options and tailor your resume to highlight experiences and skills that employers desperately need to fill.

Apply for Jobs

About 25% of participants in the job survey mentioned a lack of applicants. This is true because plenty of candidates often think recruiters will never call them or even read their resumes. That’s why it’s crucial to remember that your resume doesn’t disappear into a “black hole”. Recruiters and hiring managers not only read them but also actively interview the candidates. Instead of trying to convince yourself that no one will contact you, think about where to find jobs and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of replies you get.

Read the Job Description Carefully

About 20% of recruiters mentioned that many applicants don’t have the necessary skills or relevant experience for the job. In case you are a job searching mom and desperately need a job, don’t apply to all jobs at once without reading the job description. 
The best way to search for jobs is to review the job description thoroughly and then ask yourself if you are a fit for this position. Most importantly, ask yourself if you have the skills that will match the job requirements.

On-the-job Training

Of course, demonstrating the required skills and experience needed to get hired, you can also anticipate continued professional development and on-the-job-training that many companies offer to their employees. Training and development will provide you lots of new useful skills, which you can use in order to market yourself on your resume.

Anticipate Higher Salary

Job hunters are now in demand, which means you can expect higher salaries as companies feel accountable for making sure their employees feel valued. This year the average pay increase is expected to be 3 percent. It is a good time to explore new career opportunities and maybe even expect a salary increase.

Expect Better Perks

Right now it’s an excellent time to start looking for a new job. According to the information from the best job boards 2016, January is the month when applicants have more chances to land a job than in any other time of the year. Besides boosting the salaries, different companies may also offer different perks like additional paid time off, sign-on bonuses, free lunches etc. About 30% of companies surveyed confirmed that they provide additional benefits and perks to new employees.

If you want to land your dream job that will give you everything you want – don’t miss your chance and take advantage of your talent.