Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Top Places to Find Blogging Jobs

Frankly speaking, sometimes I think it is not too difficult to find a full-time job in the office, as when it comes to finding a decent online blogging job, the process can become more time-consuming and tough. 

What about finding a suitable freelance job that pays more than a few bucks for a post? Everything is possible. I have my list of better-paying blogging job opportunities. Content marketing has become extremely popular over the last few years. 

As a result, more and more companies are hiring freelancers to write articles for their blogs. They may offer one-time tasks, which may pay more than $75. Others are looking for writers who can create several posts per week, which can be a steady part-time gig and bring you extra income. Here is a list of top websites that pay for posts:

1.      Freelance Writing Jobs Website
This is a blog for freelance writers. All you need is to find the Writing Gigs link and click it in order to open the list of blogger jobs. This website is especially great because it doesn’t accept low-paying blogging jobs. That’s why I decided to make it our number one. Feel free to choose any high-quality freelance jobs, which are posted on this website. It was specially designed to help people find online writing jobs.

This is a type of website where a publisher needs to pay $50 to make a post about their job offer. It’s a website that can rightly claim to be one of the top marketplaces for bloggers and publishers to connect. Its guru is Darren Rowse who has been teaching newcomers how to earn money for many years. This is a place with probably the most prestigious blogging job opportunities and highest paying rate. There are more bloggers (who are stay at home Moms, by the way) who always share useful articles with her readers, make sure to check the popular Moms blogs  - Top Mommy Blogs

3.      Performancing
This website differs from the other ones because it’s actually a community of bloggers who have made a forum with blogging job opportunities. It’s free to post a job offer there. Visit the Blogger Jobs forum to get a better insight and find online blogging job. Their blog includes many great ideas for aspiration and for novices. 

4.      Elance
Elance is a free website so you don’t have to pay anything for posting or applying for a job. Just click on the Find Work link and search for any home based blogging job. This website can be helpful for all kinds of freelancers. It’s filled with hundreds of job posts from Web design to data entry to writing. In other words, Elance is a worldwide marketplace for any type of freelance jobs.

5.      Media Bistro
This is a website for the media industry that includes a job board. However, it’s quite expensive for publishers as it costs $279 to make a job post. It’s a big portal for people who work in the creative/content industry. So you may find job openings for editors, online media, producers, PR, etc.

Whether you are starting out as a freelance blogger or just want to use blogging job opportunities as an extra part-time job, you will find this list of great help. Perhaps, visiting some of these websites will help you start earning decent money in one click.


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