Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hiring Trends for Job Hunters in 2017

The survey of top jobs 2016 showed that more than 40% of recruiters struggled to find talented candidates for their positions. That means the talent war is still on and you need to strengthen your hand in it. Make sure that you keep in mind the following job search trends 2017 and get benefit from them as you try out new job opportunities. Here is a bit of my research and some conclusions.

Choose Hard-to-Fill Positions

The survey conducted on the best job boards 2016 shows that such jobs as engineers, sales representatives, drivers, technicians, machine operators, receptionists, and secretaries are the hardest positions to fill around the world. This means that even if you are a stay at home mom or in the process of changing career paths, you may consider some of these options and tailor your resume to highlight experiences and skills that employers desperately need to fill.

Apply for Jobs

About 25% of participants in the job survey mentioned a lack of applicants. This is true because plenty of candidates often think recruiters will never call them or even read their resumes. That’s why it’s crucial to remember that your resume doesn’t disappear into a “black hole”. Recruiters and hiring managers not only read them but also actively interview the candidates. Instead of trying to convince yourself that no one will contact you, think about where to find jobs and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of replies you get.

Read the Job Description Carefully

About 20% of recruiters mentioned that many applicants don’t have the necessary skills or relevant experience for the job. In case you are a job searching mom and desperately need a job, don’t apply to all jobs at once without reading the job description. 
The best way to search for jobs is to review the job description thoroughly and then ask yourself if you are a fit for this position. Most importantly, ask yourself if you have the skills that will match the job requirements.

On-the-job Training

Of course, demonstrating the required skills and experience needed to get hired, you can also anticipate continued professional development and on-the-job-training that many companies offer to their employees. Training and development will provide you lots of new useful skills, which you can use in order to market yourself on your resume.

Anticipate Higher Salary

Job hunters are now in demand, which means you can expect higher salaries as companies feel accountable for making sure their employees feel valued. This year the average pay increase is expected to be 3 percent. It is a good time to explore new career opportunities and maybe even expect a salary increase.

Expect Better Perks

Right now it’s an excellent time to start looking for a new job. According to the information from the best job boards 2016, January is the month when applicants have more chances to land a job than in any other time of the year. Besides boosting the salaries, different companies may also offer different perks like additional paid time off, sign-on bonuses, free lunches etc. About 30% of companies surveyed confirmed that they provide additional benefits and perks to new employees.

If you want to land your dream job that will give you everything you want – don’t miss your chance and take advantage of your talent.

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