Thursday, January 12, 2017

6 Flexible Well-Paid Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms

It can be really time-consuming and quite exhausting to work while being a mom. It is necessary to balance two important aspects of your life and think about so many things at the same time. Luckily nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to work without having to dedicate the whole day to your job only. What are the best part time jobs for moms that can make you some money and still leave some time for your kids? In this post I’ll try to share my ideas and tips, please note that I write an approximate amount of payment in this post.

Travel Agent

There are many flexible part time jobs for moms and other people looking for some extra money. A travel agent is one of them. As a rule, the payment may not be very big, but you will be able to make extra money according to the amount of deals you close and how much work you do. An average rate is $25-30 per hour. You won’t need to spend the whole day in the office and you can handle this job even from home. This job will be especially suitable for those who are fond of travelling.

Life Coach

Nowadays life coaches are in great demand. Working as a life coach is one of the perfect part time jobs for moms as it’s now very time-consuming and you don’t have to sit at the same working place the entire day. You are free to arrange meetings with clients in order to help them with anything they need. Your work will depend on what types of coaching services you offer to clients.

Massage Therapist

The main advantage here is that you can schedule your clients depending on your free time, but such kind of work requires certain medical education. This is a great source of extra money because it’s an hourly paid job; the average rate here is $30 per hour. If you are skilled enough and have some work experience you can even charge higher.


Tutoring has become one of the most popular part time jobs for moms in NYC and other big cities. Tutors are in great demand so if you have good skills and knowledge of any subject plus a passion for teaching, don’t hesitate to try it out. Start finding some schools to work for or separate students. The average rate for this kind of job starts from $30.

Graphic Designer

Looking for one of the best part time jobs for moms? Here is one you will like. Being a graphic designer means not only earning $50 and more per hour. You can potentially make much more money once you have established a network of clients and made your portfolio. There will also be enough time left for you and your children.

Speech Pathologist

Do you want to use your degree and get a really well-paid job? A speech pathologist is certainly one of the top part time jobs for moms with degrees as it demands certain knowledge and expertise. As a matter of fact, you will have to deal with people who have speech problems. You will need to help them speak normally and try to solve their concomitant physical, psychological or mental problems. In return for this, you will get good money and plenty of time for your kids.

I do not mention the most popular options for stay-at-home-moms such as blogging and copywriting, probably because these are the very first ideas that might cross your mind. Being a stay-at-home mom and earning good money at one time is real. Make your own decision and search for the part time job that you find most suitable. 

I'm wating for your comments, perhaps, you have some experience and helpful tips to share!

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