Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Stay at Home Mom Resume Skills That Might Help You Get That Job

I know how hard it is to return on the career track after being a stay at home parent. Over five million women are stay-at-home moms in the USA. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of moms decide to get back to work every year. 

Being a stay-at-home mom myself I understand how challenging it may be to stay confident and get your application noticed in spite of your employment gap. Here are my tips and insights on how to list stay at home mom skills on a resume and make sure your application documents help you sell yourself.

Emphasize Related Activities

All you have to do is to persuade the recruiters that you have experience and skills to do the job they offer, that’s why the content of your resume should market you. When you write about your years out of the paid workforce, don’t forget to mention only those activities and achievements that back up the skills necessary and relevant to your future career goal.

Many career experts and advisers state that majority of women who are stay-at-home moms are not just doing homework and laundry. They take part in important volunteer efforts. This is the kind of experience you should include in your resume. You can emphasize volunteer involvement such as charity work, PTA, or fundraisers. It’s not that significant that this work wasn’t paid. Believe me, employers will treat volunteer work as valuable as any paid position you mention in your application. More than that, it’s a great opportunity to cover the employment gap in your documents.

Resume Skills for Stay at Home Mom

There are a lot of good skills for a stay at home mom to put on resume. For instance, you can include such important skills as active listening, judgment and decision making, monitoring, complex problem solving, and critical thinking. Active listening skills mean giving full attention to things other people are saying, not interrupting at certain times, and asking questions if necessary. Decision making includes considering pros and cons of potential actions to select the most appropriate one. Monitoring means assessing the performance of workers in order to make improvements or take action. Complex problem solving includes determining problems and reviewing necessary information to evaluate different options and find solutions. 

Demonstrate Professional Development

Also, make sure you show your commitment to the industry by including membership in different professional organizations or taking part in conferences. You need to demonstrate that you have kept your professional skills and abilities refreshed through online learning and/or courses. Moreover, if you have performed any freelance or consulting work, don’t hesitate to mention this experience if it’s related to your job target.

Choose the Best CV Format

According to different career coaches, it’s crucial to select the right resume format in order to help your application get noticed. Many career advisers suggest stay-at-home moms avoid using chronological resumes because it will only highlight the gap in your employment history or will make the resume look unprofessional. Instead, think about choosing a combination resume format. It’s the best alternative for parents who haven’t been at work for several years and have little additional experience such as volunteer work or freelance. Also, consider selecting a functional resume format. Although it’s not often preferred by employers and hiring managers, it allows you highlight your skills and abilities while concealing your work history.

Be honest and create an application that will market you as a person who has kept their skills and abilities up to date and is ready to return to the workforce.

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